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... We simulate changes in the  membrane mechanics 
Biomechanics and Modeling in Mechanobiology
Effect of membrane mechanics on charge transfer by the membrane protein prestin
Nilsen, Natalie; Brownell, William E.; Sun, Sean X.; Spector, Alexander A.
via the corresponding changes in ...
... hemoglobin solution.48,97 Thus,  membrane mechanics 
Annals of Biomedical Engineering
Hemodynamics in the Microcirculation and in Microfluidics
Omori, Toshihiro; Imai, Yohsuke; Kikuchi, Kenji; Ishikawa, Takuji; Yamaguchi, Takami
is a crucial factor in RBC motion ...
... nitride probe to investigate  membrane mechanics 
Biomedical Microdevices
Nano-opto-mechanical characterization of neuron membrane mechanics under cellular growth and differentiation
Gopal, Ashwini; Luo, Zhiquan; Lee, Jae Young; Kumar, Karthik; Li, Bin; Hoshino, Kazunori; Schmidt, Christine; Ho, Paul S.; Zhang, Xiaojing
and stress of PC12 cells. ...
... in studying related problems of  membrane mechanics 
Ion Channel Localization
Dynamic AFM of Patch Clamped Membranes
Snyder, Kenneth; Zhang, Ping C.; Sachs, Frederick
and voltage- and ligand-sensitive ...
... methods and account explicitly for  membrane mechanics 
Biomechanics and Modeling in Mechanobiology
A multiscale model for red blood cell mechanics
Hartmann, Dirk
and its coupling with bulk ...
... boundary condition. Cell and  Membrane Mechanics 
Cellular and Biomolecular Mechanics and Mechanobiology
Mechanobiology and Finite Element Analysis of Cellular Injury During Microbubble Flows
Ghadiali, Samir N.; Dailey, Hannah L.
Cell deformation in the ADINA ...
... non-invasively. Introduction RBC  Membrane Mechanics 
Mechanobiology of Cell-Cell and Cell-Matrix Interactions
Optical Sensing of Red Blood Cell Dynamics
Park, YongKeun; Best, Catherine A.; Popescu, Gabriel
The red blood cell (RBC) ...
... behave like a very popular in  membrane mechanics 
Plant Electrophysiology
Morphing Structures in the Venus Flytrap
Markin, Vladislav S.; Volkov, Alexander G.
bilayer couple where the inplane ...
... proteins restrain pore geometry,  membrane mechanics 
Journal of Membrane Biology
The Energetics of Membrane Fusion from Binding, through Hemifusion, Pore Formation, and Pore Enlargement
Cohen, F.S.; Melikyan, G.B.
can give rise to energy barriers. ...
... stimulus; however, due to basilar  membrane mechanics 
Journal of the Association for Research in Otolaryngology
Computational Modeling of Individual Differences in Behavioral Estimates of Cochlear Nonlinearities
Jennings, Skyler G.; Ahlstrom, Jayne B.; Dubno, Judy R.
, the response growth can be ...
... Previous biophysical studies of  membrane mechanics 
Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences
Myosin motor function: the ins and outs of actin-based membrane protrusions
Nambiar, Rajalakshmi; McConnell, Russell E.; Tyska, Matthew J.
have shown that ...
... detail by Sachs and Morris (1998),  membrane mechanics 
Mechanosensitivity of the Heart
Mechanosensitive Alterations of Action Potentials and Membrane Currents in Healthy and Diseased Cardiomyocytes: Cardiac Tissue and Isolated Cell
Lozinsky, Ilya; Kamkin, Andre
under various types of mechanical ...
... to incorporate the fluid dynamics,  membrane mechanics 
Annals of Biomedical Engineering
Shear Stress Variation Induced by Red Blood Cell Motion in Microvessel
Xiong, Wenjuan; Zhang, Junfeng
, as well as the fluid–membrane ...
... method to observe individual RBC  membrane mechanics 
Critical Care
Do changes in red blood cell deformability in patients with septic shock correlate with changes in SOFA scores?
Clark, T; Jewell, S; Sair, M; Petrov, P; Winlove, P
in patients with septic shock. ...
... $$K_s$$ K s . Details of the  membrane mechanics 
Computational Mechanics
Hydrodynamic interaction between two red blood cells in simple shear flow: its impact on the rheology of a semi-dilute suspension
Omori, Toshihiro; Ishikawa, Takuji; Imai, Yohsuke; Yamaguchi, Takami
and fluid mechanics of a capsule ...
... may actively regulate basilar  membrane mechanics 
Journal of Comparative Physiology A

Lippe, W.; Zirpel, L.; Stone, J.
. ...
... of this paper is as follows. “  Membrane mechanics 
Rheologica Acta
Linear viscoelastic model for bending and torsional modes in fluid membranes
Rey, Alejandro D.
” presents the membrane stress ...
... effect of cholesterol depletion on  membrane mechanics 
Pflügers Archiv - European Journal of Physiology
Effects of cholesterol alterations are mediated via G-protein-related pathways in outer hair cells
Nagaki, Takahiko; Kakehata, Seiji; Kitani, Rei; Abe, Takahisa; Shinkawa, Hideichi
, suggesting the possibility that ...
... 37, 40 Vessel/cell Cell mechanics  Membrane mechanics 
Annals of Biomedical Engineering
Multiscale Modeling of Platelet Adhesion and Thrombus Growth
Wang, Weiwei; King, Michael R.
combined with elastic and viscous ...
... are the result of passive basilar-  membrane mechanics 
Springer Handbook of Acoustics
Physiological Acoustics
Young, Eric
, i.e., the result of the ...
... of Saccharide Conformation on  Membrane Mechanics 
Generic and Specific Roles of Saccharides at Cell and Bacteria Surfaces
Inter-Membrane Interactions and Mechanical Properties of Membranes Composed of Synthetic Glycolipids
Schneck, Emanuel
To reveal the influence of the ...
... was not a “constraint” of basilar  membrane mechanics 
Perspectives on Auditory Research
The Sense of Hearing in Fishes
Fay, Richard R.
. ...
... space (or ‘sink’) and focus on  membrane mechanics 
Cell Biochemistry and Biophysics
On Some Aspects of the Thermodynamic of Membrane Recycling Mediated by Fluid Phase Endocytosis: Evaluation of Published Data and Perspectives
Rauch, Cyril; Pluen, Alain; Foster, Neil; Loughna, Paul; Mobasheri, Ali; Lagadic-Gossmann, Dominique; Counillon, Laurent
instead. ...
... of curved membranes The curved  membrane mechanics 
International Journal of Material Forming
Approximate analysis of forming forces in woven preforms
Ramgulam, Raj B.; Potluri, Prasad
described in this paper apply to ...