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... Background  Heterochromatin 
BMC Genomics
Genome mapping and characterization of the Anopheles gambiae heterochromatin
Sharakhova, Maria V; George, Phillip; Brusentsova, Irina V; Leman, Scotland C; Bailey, Jeffrey A; Smith, Christopher D; Sharakhov, Igor V
plays an important role in chromosome ...
... of chromosomes into euchromatin and  heterochromatin 
Constitutive heterochromatin: a surprising variety of expressed sequences
Dimitri, Patrizio; Caizzi, Ruggiero; Giordano, Ennio; Carmela Accardo, Maria; Lattanzi, Giovanna; Biamonti, Giuseppe
is amongst the most important and ...
... classified as euchromatin or  heterochromatin 
Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences
Chromosome boundary elements and regulation of heterochromatin spreading
Wang, Jiyong; Lawry, Stephanie T.; Cohen, Allison L.; Jia, Songtao
, each with distinct histone ...
...  Heterochromatin 
Replication of heterochromatin: insights into mechanisms of epigenetic inheritance
Wallace, Julie A.; Orr-Weaver, Terry L.
is composed of tightly condensed ...
... gene-rich euchromatin and gene-poor  heterochromatin 
The contradictory definitions of heterochromatin: transcription and silencing
Huisinga, Kathryn L.; Brower-Toland, Brent; Elgin, Sarah C. R.
. ...
...  Heterochromatin 
Fungal RNA Biology
Regulation of Pericentric Heterochromatin by ncRNA in Schizosaccharomyces pombe
Zaratiegui, Mikel
is a conserved chromatin arrangement ...
...  Heterochromatin 
Fundamentals of Chromatin
Heterochromatin: A Critical Part of the Genome
Wallrath, Lori L.; Vitalini, Michael W.; Elgin, Sarah C. R.
represents highly condensed portions ...
... for long-range interactions with  heterochromatin 
PLoS Biology
Cell-by-Cell Dissection of Gene Expression and Chromosomal Interactions Reveals Consequences of Nuclear Reorganization
Harmon, Brian; Sedat, John
. ...
... known to be sufficient to nucleate  heterochromatin 
PLoS Genetics
The Impact of Local Genome Sequence on Defining Heterochromatin Domains
Wheeler, Bayly S.; Blau, Jared A.; Willard, Huntington F.; Scott, Kristin C.
, to establish de novo ...
... transcriptionally active regions and  heterochromatin 
Chromosome Research
Centromeric heterochromatin assembly in fission yeast—balancing transcription, RNA interference and chromatin modification
Alper, Benjamin J.; Lowe, Brandon R.; Partridge, Janet F.
more condensed and gene poor. ...
... constituent of the juxtacentromeric  heterochromatin 
Altered Intra-Nuclear Organisation of Heterochromatin and Genes in ICF Syndrome
Jefferson, Andrew; Colella, Stefano; Moralli, Daniela; Wilson, Natalie; Yusuf, Mohammed; Gimelli, Giorgio; Ragoussis, Jiannis; Volpi, Emanuela V.
. ...
... of a gene positioned adjacent to  heterochromatin 
Epigenetics & Chromatin
High-resolution mapping of heterochromatin redistribution in a Drosophila position-effect variegation model
Vogel, Maartje J; Pagie, Ludo; Talhout, Wendy; Nieuwland, Marja; Kerkhoven, Ron M; van Steensel, Bas
. white-mottled X-chromosomal ...
... involvement of both groups in mitotic  heterochromatin 
The trithorax group and Pc group proteins are differentially involved in heterochromatin formation in Drosophila
Fanti, Laura; Perrini, Barbara; Piacentini, Lucia; Berloco, Maria; Marchetti, Enzo; Palumbo, Gioacchino; Pimpinelli, Sergio
formation in Drosophila. ...
...  Heterochromatin 
Mutations in the heterochromatin protein 1 (HP1) hinge domain affect HP1 protein interactions and chromosomal distribution
Badugu, RamaKrishna; Yoo, Youngdong; Singh, Prim B.; Kellum, Rebecca
Protein 1 (HP1) is a conserved ...
... distribution of H3K9me as  heterochromatin 
Glimpses of evolution: heterochromatic histone H3K9 methyltransferases left its marks behind
Krauss, Veiko
-specific histone modification and ...
... core, and peri-centromeric  heterochromatin 
Protein & Cell
DNA replication components as regulators of epigenetic inheritance—lesson from fission yeast centromere
He, Haijin; Gonzalez, Marlyn; Zhang, Fan; Li, Fei
that flanks the core (Fig. 1). ...
... Background  Heterochromatin 
Genome Biology
A systematic genetic screen identifies new factors influencing centromeric heterochromatin integrity in fission yeast
Bayne, Elizabeth H; Bijos, Dominika A; White, Sharon A; Alves, Flavia de Lima; Rappsilber, Juri; Allshire, Robin C
plays important roles in the ...
... active euchromatin and silent  heterochromatin 
Current Genetics
Advancing our understanding of functional genome organisation through studies in the fission yeast
Olsson, Ida; Bjerling, Pernilla
are kept separated in the nuclear ...
... ), including cytological studies of  heterochromatin 
Drosophila Cytogenetics Protocols
The Chromosomes of Drosophila melanogaster
Henderson, Daryl S.
(see Subheading 3 . and Chapters 16 , ...
...  Heterochromatin 
The EMBO Journal
The JmjC domain protein Epe1 prevents unregulated assembly and disassembly of heterochromatin
Trewick, Sarah C; Minc, Elsa; Antonelli, Richard; Urano, Takeshi; Allshire, Robin C
normally has prescribed chromosomal ...
... domains, such as euchromatin and  heterochromatin 
Jak-Stat Signaling : From Basics to Disease
JAK/STAT and Chromatin Regulation in Drosophila
Gaur, Kriti; Li, Willis X.
, in eukaryotic cells is a critical ...
... viability, chromosome structure, and  heterochromatin 
Conserved domains control heterochromatin localization and silencing properties of SU(VAR)3–7
Jaquet, Yannis; Delattre, Marion; Montoya-Burgos, Juan; Spierer, Anne; Spierer, Pierre
formation. ...
... and C. villosum) to analyse  heterochromatin 
Genetic Resources and Crop Evolution
Heterochromatin type, amount and distribution in wild species of chili peppers (Capsicum, Solanaceae)
Scaldaferro, Marisel A.; Grabiele, Mauro; Moscone, Eduardo A.
type, amount and distribution in wild ...
... of chromatin, such as euchromatin,  heterochromatin 
Control of gene expression and assembly of chromosomal subdomains by chromatin regulators with antagonistic functions
Lam, Ai Leen; Pazin, Dorothy E.; Sullivan, Beth A.
, and centromeric (CEN) chromatin. ...
... Summary  Heterochromatin 
Genome Biology
The Heterochromatin Protein 1 family
Lomberk, Gwen; Wallrath, Lori; Urrutia, Raul
Protein 1 (HP1) was first discovered ...