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... concepts and results of the computational  complexity 
Logical Foundations of Mathematics and Computational Complexity
The Complexity of Computations
Pudlák, Pavel
theory. ...
... are neither necessary nor sufficient for  complexity 
European Journal for Philosophy of Science
What is a complex system?
Ladyman, James; Lambert, James; Wiesner, Karoline
, and that some of them are too vague or ...
...  Complexity 
Meta-Programming and Model-Driven Meta-Program Development
Complexity Evaluation of Feature Models and Meta-Programs
Štuikys, Vytautas; Damaševičius, Robertas
is the inherent property of systems to be ...
... what Rescher (1998) described as “the  complexity 
New Thinking in Complexity for the Social Sciences and Humanities
Summary and Conclusions
Jörg, Ton
of the real” (in his chapter 2). ...
... of software system in terms of its  complexity 
International Journal of System Assurance Engineering and Management
Impact of class attributes on cognitive complexity
Johari, Kalpana; Kaur, Arvinder
. ...
... In this chapter, a statistical measure of  complexity 
Statistical Complexity
Statistical Complexity and Fisher-Shannon Information: Applications
López-Ruiz, Ricardo; Sañudo, Jaime; Romera, Elvira; Calbet, Xavier
and the Fisher-Shannon information product ...
... Nevertheless, the appearance of increasing  complexity 
Biology & Philosophy
Evolution unbound: releasing the arrow of complexity
Korb, Kevin B.; Dorin, Alan
remains. ...
... We may extend the  complexity 
New Thinking in Complexity for the Social Sciences and Humanities
The Complexity of Human Interaction
Jörg, Ton
of our framework of causal modelling of ...
... is to provide an overview of supply chain  complexity 
Supply Chain Strategies, Issues and Models
Supply Chain Complexity and Strategy
Subramanian, Nachiappan; Rahman, Shams
and suggests appropriate supply chain ...
... interpretation and applications of the  complexity 
Statistical Complexity
Atomic and Molecular Complexities: Their Physical and Chemical Interpretations
Angulo, J. C.; Antolín, J.; Esquivel, R. O.
measures, different order-uncertainty ...
... In this paper, I discuss the concept of  complexity 
Foundations of Science
Complexity, Natural Selection and the Evolution of Life and Humans
Ekstig, Börje
. ...
... The linear  complexity 
Information Security and Cryptology
Cube Theory and Stable $$k$$ -Error Linear Complexity for Periodic Sequences
Zhou, Jianqin; Liu, Wanquan; Zhou, Guanglu
of a sequence has been used as an ...
... alternatives cannot cope as well with the  complexity 
Conquering Complexity
Separating Safety and Control Systems to Reduce Complexity
Wassyng, Alan; Lawford, Mark; Maibaum, Tom
of modern systems. ...
... The linear  complexity 
Designs, Codes and Cryptography
The $$k$$ -error linear complexity distribution for $$2^n$$ -periodic binary sequences
Zhou, Jianqin; Liu, Wanquan
and the $$k$$ -error linear ...
... of time used to measure the computational  complexity 
Modeling Time in Computing
Time in the Analysis of Algorithms
Furia, Carlo A.; Mandrioli, Dino; Morzenti, Angelo; Rossi, Matteo
of Turing machines, on which the ...
... length by l(p).For each object x in S, the  complexity 
An Introduction to Kolmogorov Complexity and Its Applications
Algorithmic Complexity
Li, Ming; Vitányi, Paul
of object x with respect to the specifying ...
... reader to generative theories of social  complexity 
Introduction to Computational Social Science
Social Complexity III: Theories
Cioffi-Revilla, Claudio
in CSS. ...
... Background The emergence of organismal  complexity 
BMC Evolutionary Biology
The emergence of complexity and restricted pleiotropy in adapting networks
Le Nagard, Hervé; Chao, Lin; Tenaillon, Olivier
has been a difficult subject for ...
... attack on 5 rounds, whose 2124 time  complexity 
Journal of Cryptology
New Attacks on IDEA with at Least 6 Rounds
Biham, Eli; Dunkelman, Orr; Keller, Nathan; Shamir, Adi
is only slightly better than exhaustive ...
... The Hierarchical Approaches to Molecular  Complexity 
Encyclopedia of Complexity and Systems Science
Topological Complexity of Molecules
Janežič, Dušanka; Miličević, Ante; Nikolić, Sonja; Trinajstić, Nenad
Criteria for Topological ...
... were characterized by their levels of  complexity 
Frontiers in Human Neuroscience
Scene Complexity: Influence on Perception, Memory, and Development in the Medial Temporal Lobe
Chai, Xiaoqian J.; Ofen, Noa; Jacobs, Lucia F.; Gabrieli, John D. E.
defined by the number of unique object ...
... three sessions. The context free grammar  complexity 
BMC Psychiatry
Communication patterns in a psychotherapy following traumatic brain injury: A quantitative case study based on symbolic dynamics
Rapp, Paul E; Cellucci, Christopher J; Gilpin, Adele MK; Jiménez-Montaño, Miguel A; Korslund, Kathryn E
and the Lempel-Ziv ...
... Habitat  complexity 
Habitat complexity: approaches and future directions
Kovalenko, Katya E.; Thomaz, Sidinei M.; Warfe, Danielle M.
is one of the most important factors ...
... are about mainstream results in proof  complexity 
Logical Foundations of Mathematics and Computational Complexity
Proof Complexity
Pudlák, Pavel
. ...
... for valuation of size and coupling  complexities 
Research in Engineering Design
Engineering design complexity: an investigation of methods and measures
Ameri, Farhad; Summers, Joshua D.; Mocko, Gregory M.; Porter, Matthew
of design products as abstracted by three ...